CopilotKit is an open-source platform designed for seamless AI integration in any application, offering a solution for users to …

CopilotKit is an open-source platform designed for seamless AI integration in any application, offering a solution for users to easily incorporate AI technology.

What is CopilotKit?

CopilotKit is an open-source framework designed to integrate AI into applications. It helps create custom AI copilots, including in-app AI chatbots and agents capable of interacting dynamically with the application’s environment. The framework streamlines integrating AI by handling complex aspects like app context awareness and interaction.
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Challenges Resolved Through CopilotKit

CopilotKit helps with various challenges, including:
Components of CopilotKit

The CopilotKit offers many components for applications, including native support for LangChain, LangGraph, and LangServe, as well as built-in native UI/UX components:

CopilotChat: Enables building app-aware AI chatbots
CopilotTextarea: Offers AI-assisted text generation and editing
In-App Agents: Allows real-time context access to applications
Co-Agents: Enables end-users to intervene and restart agent operations
Purpose-specific LLM chains: Customizes language model chains
Built-in UI Components: Includes components like ‘CopilotSidebar’ and ‘CopilotPopup’ for UI customization

How does CopilotKit work?

Key points about how CopilotKit works:

Framework-first: Connects every component of your application to the copilot engine
Copilot engine: Receives user requests, pulls in relevant application context, and initiates in-app action
AI Components: Customizable & headless UI components for native AI features
Generative UI: Custom interactive user interfaces rendered inside the chat
In-app agents: Bring LangChain agents as interactive components of the application
Copilot Cloud: Turnkey cloud services for scaling and productionizing copilots
Simplicity in Integration: Facilitates integration into existing app infrastructures

Use Case: CoPilotKit Presentation Creator

Build a text-to-powerpoint creator application using CopilotKit:

Install React
Generate an OpenAI API Key and a TAVILY API Key
Clone the repository: git clone
Navigate to the cloned repo and install the packages: npm install
Create a “.env.local” file in the root directory of the project and mention the two API keys obtained
Run the App: npm run dev
Open http://localhost:3000 in your browser to see the app

Trending Examples of CoipilotKit Application

Examples of applications using CopilotKit:

Chat with Your Resume: AI-powered resume builder application using Nextjs, CopilotKit & OpenAI
Text-to-Powerpoint Application: AI-powered PowerPoint application using Next.js, OpenAI, LangChain & Tavily, and CopilotKit
AI-Powered Blogging Platform: AI-powered blogging platform using Next.js, OpenAI, LangChain & Tavily, CopilotKit, and Supabase


CopilotKit is a robust framework for integrating AI capabilities into applications. It provides a suite of tools for creating interactive AI features with user enhancement through intuitive interfaces. The installation process, documentation, and code examples ensure easy adoption, even for those new to AI. Whether building AI-driven chatbots, enriching text areas, or creating customized AI interactions, CopilotKit can help.
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