FlashSpeech: Эффективная система генерации речи с высоким качеством и сниженными вычислительными затратами….

FlashSpeech: Эффективная система генерации речи с высоким качеством и сниженными вычислительными затратами.

FlashSpeech: A Novel Speech Generation System
Practical Solutions and Value

In recent years, speech synthesis has advanced significantly, leading to efficient zero-shot speech synthesis systems. These systems include text-to-speech, voice conversion, and editing, allowing speech generation without requiring additional training data.

The latest advancements leverage language and diffusion-style models for in-context speech generation on large-scale datasets. However, these methods often require extensive computational time and cost.

To address this challenge, FlashSpeech has been introduced as a groundbreaking stride towards efficient zero-shot speech synthesis. This approach leverages the latent consistency model and the encoder of a neural audio codec to accelerate inference speed.

FlashSpeech also features a prosody generator module, enhancing the diversity of prosody while maintaining stability. It achieves more diverse expressions and prosody in the generated speech, surpassing strong baselines in audio quality at a speed approximately 20 times faster than comparable systems.

FlashSpeech signifies a significant leap forward in the field of zero-shot speech synthesis, presenting a compelling solution for real-world applications that demand rapid and high-quality speech synthesis.

With its efficient generation speed and superior performance, FlashSpeech holds immense promise for a variety of applications, including virtual assistants, audio content creation, and accessibility tools.

If you want to evolve your company with AI, stay competitive, and use FlashSpeech for efficient and high-quality speech synthesis.

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