JP Morgan AI Research представляет FlowMind: новый подход машинного обучения, использующий возможности LLMs, таких как GPT, для …

JP Morgan AI Research представляет FlowMind: новый подход машинного обучения, использующий возможности LLMs, таких как GPT, для создания автоматической системы генерации рабочего процесса.

Practical AI Solutions for Modern Industries

Automation in industries often involves repetitive tasks, but it can be challenging when tasks require flexibility and spontaneous decision-making. Traditional robotic process automation (RPA) systems are limited in handling dynamic workflows, particularly in data-sensitive sectors like finance.
Enhancing Dynamic Workflow Automation

FlowMind, developed by J.P. Morgan AI Research, leverages Large Language Models (LLMs) like GPT to automate complex workflows dynamically. This innovative system incorporates lecture-based preparation and API integration, ensuring security and adaptability while achieving exceptional accuracy rates.
Key Features and Benefits of FlowMind

Structured two-stage framework for educating the model on task-specific APIs and generating and executing code based on user inputs dynamically.
Utilizes the NCEN-QA dataset designed for financial workflows to test the model’s ability to handle real-world financial queries effectively.
Demonstrated robust performance in automated workflow generation, achieving exceptional accuracy rates across various tests, surpassing traditional RPA systems.
Incorporates user feedback into the process, allowing for continuous refinement of workflows to ensure relevance and accuracy.

Evolve Your Company with AI

If you want to evolve your company with AI and stay competitive, consider leveraging practical solutions like FlowMind. Identify automation opportunities, define KPIs, select an AI solution that aligns with your needs, and implement gradually to transform your way of work.
Explore Practical AI Solutions

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