OpenELM — эффективная семья языковых моделей с открытой системой обучения и вывода, доступная для всех….

OpenELM — эффективная семья языковых моделей с открытой системой обучения и вывода, доступная для всех.

Introducing OpenELM: A State-of-the-Art Open Language Model

OpenELM is a cutting-edge open language model prioritizing reproducibility and transparency. It efficiently allocates parameters within each layer, resulting in a significant 2.36% accuracy improvement compared to OLMo.
Unlock the Power of AI for Your Company

If you want to evolve your company with AI and stay competitive, consider leveraging OpenELM: An Efficient Language Model Family with Open-source Training and Inference Framework. Discover how AI can redefine your way of work by:

Identifying Automation Opportunities: Locate key customer interaction points that can benefit from AI.
Defining KPIs: Ensure your AI endeavors have measurable impacts on business outcomes.
Selecting an AI Solution: Choose tools that align with your needs and provide customization.
Implementing Gradually: Start with a pilot, gather data, and expand AI usage judiciously.

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Spotlight on a Practical AI Solution: AI Sales Bot

Consider the AI Sales Bot from, designed to automate customer engagement 24/7 and manage interactions across all customer journey stages. Discover how AI can redefine your sales processes and customer engagement. Explore solutions at
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