PTaaS — новый сервисный метод обучения, обеспечивающий анонимность и индивидуальную настройку моделей машинного обучения для кон…

PTaaS — новый сервисный метод обучения, обеспечивающий анонимность и индивидуальную настройку моделей машинного обучения для конечных устройств.

On-device Intelligence (ODI) and Privacy-Preserving Training-as-a-Service (PTaaS)
Practical Solutions for AI Model Training

On-device intelligence (ODI) combines mobile computing and AI to provide real-time, customized services without relying on a network. This technology holds promise for applications like medical diagnosis and AI-enhanced motion tracking. However, challenges arise from decentralized user data and privacy concerns.

Researchers have proposed practical methods to optimize ODI’s potential while addressing privacy concerns. One such solution is Privacy-Preserving Training-as-a-Service (PTaaS), which offers privacy-friendly AI model training for end devices.
PTaaS Hierarchy and Advantages

The PTaaS hierarchy includes infrastructure, data, algorithm, service, and application layers, enabling standardized design and independent evolution. PTaaS offers several advantages:

Privacy preservation: Devices share only anonymous local data, ensuring user privacy without disclosing sensitive information to remote servers.
Centralized training: Utilizing powerful cloud or edge servers for model training improves performance based on device-specific queries, reducing end-side computation and energy consumption.
Simplicity and flexibility: PTaaS simplifies user operations by migrating model training to the cloud, allowing devices to request model updates as needed and adapt to changing application scenarios.
Cost fairness and profit potential: Service costs are based on consumed resources, ensuring fairness and motivating device participation. This pricing model also enables reasonable profits for service providers, promoting PTaaS adoption.

AI Solutions for Business Evolution

For companies looking to evolve with AI, Privacy-Preserving Training-as-a-Service (PTaaS) offers a novel paradigm that provides privacy-friendly and customized machine learning model training for end devices. AI can redefine work processes, and companies can take advantage of AI solutions by:

Identifying automation opportunities
Defining measurable KPIs for AI endeavors
Selecting AI solutions that align with their needs and provide customization
Implementing AI gradually, starting with a pilot and expanding usage judiciously

Practical AI Solution: AI Sales Bot

Consider the AI Sales Bot from, designed to automate customer engagement 24/7 and manage interactions across all customer journey stages. This practical AI solution can redefine sales processes and customer engagement.


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