VDTuner — автоматическая система настройки производительности на основе машинного обучения для систем управления векторными данн…

VDTuner — автоматическая система настройки производительности на основе машинного обучения для систем управления векторными данными (VDMSs).

Practical AI Solutions for Vector Data Management Systems

Large Language Models (LLMs) have significantly advanced AI technology, addressing challenges like conversation hallucination. Vector Data Management Systems (VDMSs) such as Qdrant and Milvus play a crucial role in effectively managing these vectors.
Challenges and Solutions

VDMSs are essential for machine learning and information retrieval systems, but their complexity presents challenges for performance optimization. VDTuner, a learning-based automatic performance tuning framework, effectively navigates the complex parameter space of VDMSs, improving performance by balancing recall rate and search speed.
Effectiveness of VDTuner

Assessments have shown that VDTuner significantly enhances VDMS performance, increasing search speed by 14.12% and recall rate by 186.38%. It also achieves up to 3.57 times faster-tuning efficiency compared to the latest baselines, providing scalability and optimizing budget-conscious goals.

VDTuner represents a significant advancement in automatically adjusting VDMS performance, offering users a powerful tool to improve system effectiveness and efficiency.
AI Integration and Automation Opportunities

To evolve your company with AI, consider using VDTuner to stay competitive. Identify automation opportunities, define KPIs, select an AI solution, and implement gradually to reap the benefits of AI. For AI KPI management advice and continuous insights into leveraging AI, connect with us at or follow us on https://t.me/aiscrumbot and https://twitter.com/itinaicom.
Practical AI Solution: AI Sales Bot

Explore the https://itinai.com/aisalesbot from itinai.com, designed to automate customer engagement 24/7 and manage interactions across all customer journey stages. Discover how AI can redefine your sales processes and customer engagement.

For more information on AI solutions and practical implementations, visit https://itinai.com.
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